Requesting a walk in person

If you are on campus and you’d like to visit us in-person to request a walk home, our kiosk is located on the first floor of the Queen’s Centre (ARC) at 284 Earl St! You will find us under the stairs, along with the the Student Life Centre front desk! Swing by during our hours of operation to get a walk!

Other ways to request a walk

During working hours you can also request a walk by calling the kiosk at (613) 533-WALK (9255) or by opening the NEW live chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen! This chat will instantly connect you with one of our supervisors so that they can help you with your request!

Our teams are able to meet you anywhere within our boundaries and will drop you off anywhere within them as well!

What happens when you request a walk?

When you visit our kiosk, call our phone number (613-533-9255), or use the live chat button on this website, the Walkhome Manager on Duty (MOD) will ask you for your pick-up location, drop-off location, and any accessibility needs that our staff can accommodate for to make the walk as comfortable as possible. They may also ask you some COVID screening questions or if you’d like some Walkhome merch, such as stickers, keychains, or magnets (yes, we participate in shameless self promotion here at Walkhome)!

Following your conversation with the MOD, they will send a team of two students out with a radio to meet you at your pick-up location. If you’d like an estimate of how long it may take for the team to arrive at your location, just ask the MOD and give them a moment to determine this for you!

Once the team arrives at your pick-up location, they will present their ID tags to you to identify themselves as Walkhome staff. After they have confirmed that you have requested a walk, they will hide their ID tags and radio to promote anonymity and discretion. The idea is that no one will know you’re getting a walk home!

The team will then escort you to your drop-off location. Once you’ve arrived, you and your team will part ways and they will return to the ARC to continue walking other patrons!

Special Requests/Exceptions

There are a few special requests that patrons can make, such as asking for a specific staff member to walk you home or for a “silent walk” with your team. There are also exceptions/limitations to Walkhome’s services; for example, Walkhome staff will not pick you up from a bar/nightclub or enter residences on campus. For more information about special requests/exceptions, please visit the Terms & Conditions page.